From IT for Change's Annual Report for 2013-14

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8. In April 2013, IT for Change wrote an input paper 'A note on CSTD Working Group on Enhanced Cooperation (on Internet-related public policy issues) and the stakes for developing countries' for South Centre Geneva for the South Centre, Geneva, an inter-governmental think-tank of developing countries, outlining the significance of the Working Group on Enhanced Cooperation (WGEC) and exhorting developing countries to take up an active role in it. It also presented concrete directions that their engagement with and proposals to the Working Group can take.

9. In April 2013, IT for Change also wrote an advisory note for governmental and non-governmental actors just prior to the first meeting of the Working Group on Enhanced Cooperation, providing concrete suggestions vis s vis the agenda of the meeting.

10. The template or suggested responses to the WGEC questionnaire document, which IT for Change prepared after the Working Group's first meeting in May 2013. This was disseminated through the South Centre, Geneva, to developing country representative to assist them in preparing their individual responses.

11. Jeet Singh, Parminder. 2014. 'Is certain kind of multistakeholderism a post-democratic ideology? - Need to save NetMundial outcome documents from crossing some sacred democratic lines'.