I am extremely proud of our collaboration and alliance with IT for Change in past years. I have closely witnessed their generosity in sharing their profound and extensive knowledge, their feminist style in leading conversations, and inviting diverse voices to these discussions while generating a safe space. They are spearheading the generation of new expertise in fields that are crucial for humanity and the planet, with a critical feminist and decolonial view.

Emilia Reyes

Program Director, Equidad de Genero: Ciudadania, Trabajo y Familia

IT for Change is highly valued within the digital development space for a reason: not only is their research of the highest quality, but they take it one step forward when it comes to advocacy, training, and actual interventions. They have gone from strength to strength and I will always look up to them for a critical, but constructive perspective.

Savita Bailur

Senior Research Director, Caribou Digital; Adjunct Professor, School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University

Most of the issues addressed in the course ‘Facilitating Adolescent Empowerment for Equal Society’ conducted by IT for Change resonate with on-the-ground realities. It is highly useful for those working on eradicating the inequalities faced by adolescent girls.

Chowda Reddy B M

Assistant Teacher, Navodaya Vidyalaya residential high school, Vadipinayakanahalli, Shidlaghatta Taluk, Chikkaballapura District

The past few years stand witness to the promise and peril of digital technologies – their potential for advancing human lives while also standing to exacerbate divides. IT for Change’s work lies at the heart of this paradox. Their work on internet governance, digital rights, decent work, feminist
technologies, and gender are but examples of addressing how to capitalize on the possibilities and mitigate the threats of digital transformation towards inclusion. Thank you, IT for Change, for your dynamism and your agility in tackling issues that are of utmost relevance to development in India and the rest of the Global South.

Nagla Rizk

Professor of Economics and Founding Director, Access to Knowledge for Development, The American University in Cairo

IT for Change is one of the best hubs in the world for the production and circulation of knowledge about the digital economy. I highlight their vision from the Global South, which is not understood as something exotic, but as part of the majority worldview. IT for Change is essential inside and outside universities. I am very happy to have found IT for Change on my way.

Rafael Grohmann

Assistant Professor of Media Studies/ Critical Data and Platform Studies, University of Toronto

Over the past decade, Big Tech giants have penetrated the Global South, with disastrous outcomes for socio-economic equality and human rights. Yet, there is hope for a better world, based on popular education and activism. IT for Change is a leading light in the struggle for digital justice. Its reports are uncompromised and incisive, offering a much-needed counter to digital colonialism and capitalism, as well as practical solutions. It has been a pleasure
to work with them, and we should all cherish and support their contributions to justice in the digital age.

Michael Kwet

Visiting Fellow, Information Society Project, Yale Law School

Thank you (to IT for Change) for all their amazing contributions to the UN STI Forum. The Digital Tech thematic session and the innovation exhibit (at the
Forum) were the two highlights for me and due credit must go to them for pulling these together. All the speakers in the thematic session were amazing and
it was ironically one of the few women-dominated sessions!

Quarraisha Abdool Karim

Co-chair of UN STI Forum

Through IT for Change’s ICT Integration in Education course, our students learned how to use technology and teach creatively. These classes have greatly helped our students to understand the use of technology in creating interesting teaching materials, as well as to upgrade their digital skills, which is the need of the hour.

Lokesh T.N.

Head, Department of Education, NMKRV College for Women, Bengaluru

Our partnership with IT for Change has allowed us to successfully conduct our online capacity-building program for teacher-educators of Himachal Pradesh. Our teacher-educators found IT for Change’s online courses on Moodle and Big Blue Button platforms very useful. Their support ensured that they were able to meaningfully use ICTs to make learning easy and interesting.

Manoj K Saxena

Head & Dean (Education), Central University of Himachal Pradesh

IT for Change has been a valuable partner in our efforts to secure labor rights and social protection for gig and platform workers in India in the last few years. They have helped us to evaluate the Social Security Code and provide insights on the Motor Vehicle Aggregator guidelines, 2020. They have extended their expertise in assisting us with surveys and reports highlighting the hardships faced by gig and platform workers during Covid-19. We look forward to collaborating with them in our future endeavors.

Shaik Salauddin & Basudev Barman

Indian Federation of App-based Transport Workers (IFAT)

For me, working with IT for Change has always been a learning experience to understand how our economies are restructuring due to digitalization. Not only has IT for Change provided much-needed cutting-edge critiques, but they have been an important ally for our campaigns to promote workers’ rights in the digital services supply chain.

Marina Durano

Adviser on Care Economy and Partnership Engagements, UNI Global

I was enrolled in the course ‘Facilitating Adolescent Empowerment for Equal Society’ conducted by IT for Change in collaboration with DSERT (Department of State Educational Research and Training). The course provided a blueprint to enable equal participation of girls in all spheres of life and to ensure that adolescent girls seize the opportunities otherwise denied to them.

Telma Joseline Periera

Assistant Teacher, Chikmagalur